Specialty Power Generators: Bespoke Energy

We design fully specialized power generators, tailored down to the smallest detail. After studying all the characteristics and needs of the project, we will design an innovative and efficient solution for providing bespoke energy to each client.

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Diesel Generators

Providing power from 5 to 2500 kVA, our standard diesel generators are a reliable and efficient power supply which delivers high performance rates for applications of all kinds.

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Gas Generators

The range of gas powered generators GENESAL ENERGY provides power from 5 to 2500 kVA. These eco-friendly, highly efficient silent generators with reduced fuel costs have been built in a standardized line which allows us to produce high quality gas generators at the best market price.

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Hybrid Microgeneration System

Our hybrid microgeneration systems are designed to optimize power generation when operating as an autonomous power source in installations where the network is unavailable or in when complementing other energy sources.

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Marine Generators

Our marine generators are assembled using leading engine brands, with the latest technology available to ensure a quiet, reliable and efficient service in extreme conditions.

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Light Towers

Easy to transport and install, our Light Towers are designed to work under the most adverse environmental and climatic conditions, providing a light output higher than 180,000 lumens.

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